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Carpet, House & Office Cleaning

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This business does – or has done – and could do again: carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, office cleaning, house cleaning and tile and grout cleaning. At one time was thinking about doing acoustical tile cleaning and window cleaning.

Business has a long history. Started in 1970 (+/- 49 years). It was run by the original Owner for 29 years until the present Owner’s father bought it in 1999. He ran it out of his house until 2011 (12 years) when the present Owner (his son) took it over.

The son and his wife ran business together for a while. Sales were averaging +/- $77,000/year with an adjusted “Net” of +/- $66,180 Prior to this Sales were even higher.

In July they had a child and the wife stopped working with her husband. He decided to stop the house cleaning (except for a few accounts). They also have plans to move out of the area. The husband also looked for a found a fulltime position.

The carpet cleaning & office cleaning work was being done part time by the husband, so sales have dropped to +/- $44,000 per year with an Adj'd “Net” of +/- $32,357.

The Asking Price of this business is $48,000 with a possibility of some Owner financing.

The major Assets included in this price is a 2001 GMC Van with 42,000 miles on it, and a Butler System carpet cleaning machine with 1,548 hours on it. The other equipment is generic to this industry and is capable of handling all the accounts they are still handling.

The original cost of these assets is +/-$33,000 and the current FMV is +/- $16,500 (50%).

This is a great starter business with established accounts, training and possibly some Owner financing (depending on credit history, cash down, interest rate and Offered Price.

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Business is currently being run part time.

Business is run out of the Owner's home.


Monthly Rent: Home Office  Remaining Term:  
Total SQ FT:   Rent Increases:  
Retail SQ FT:  
Office SQ FT:   Est'd FMV of Equip.:
The original cost of these assets is +/- $33,000 and the current FMV is +/- $16,500 (50%).>br>
Warehouse SQ FT:  
Est'd Sales +/- $44,100  Terms:
If qualified & with security, the Owner will consider financing with 50% down and the balance financed over 3-5 years at +/- 7% interest.

Gross Profit: +/- $32,357 
Oper. Expenses: +/- $11,743  ROI:  
Est'd Owners Cash
+/- $32,357  Payback:  

Reason For Sale:
Owner is moving out of the area.

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