Downloadable Forms

 Buyer Agency
 This form must be filled out and returned to Blanket in order for one of our Agents to show you a Residential or Commercial property. It is also used to tell you about, give you information and show you a business or property that is not exclusively listed with us or another Co-Operating Agency.

 Unrepresented Agency

 Dual Agency

 IRS Form 4506

 How To Begin Due Diligence - Checking Books & Records
 After the Offer is signed your first and most important contingency is checking the books & records of the business. This attachment will give you some ideas of what should be done and how you can do it with the help of a professional advisor.

 Info needed to value & prepare a business for sale
 The attached is information needed to begin the Valuation & Listing process of your business. Specific requirements will be discussed in the first meeting with you and our representative.

 So you want to buy a house - stuff you should know
 Attached is a Residential Real Estate Tool Kit - jam packed with things you should know - have fun...

 Which Profit & Loss Statement Do I Use?
 This short article describes several Profit or Loss Statements you might find when checking out a business and suggests the one you should use.

 Residential Rental Application
 Completely fill out and sign this form if you are applying for a Residential Rental

 Hints for new Business Buyers dealing with Brokers
 Here are some tips for Business Buyers when they first begin dealing with a Broker...

 Loan Documentation Required By Banks
 This is a list of the minimum requirements most Lenders will want when you ask them for financing. Have this information for them at the first meeting.

 Reasons Why Some Businesses Don't Sell
 Why some businesses don't sell

 How To Get A Small Business Loan
 When you have a Bank willing to talk to you about a small business loan - this is what you must be thinking about...

 62 Reasons To Hire A Business Broker

 What Does A Business Broker Do For You?

 What Do You Do Now - more on Due Dilligence
 You found a business - what do you do now? Read on...

 Buying Process
 Description of the usual Buying Process.

 3 Confidentiality Agreement & Questionnaire Forms
 These forms must be filled out, signed and faxed, scanned or e-Mailed back to Blanket R.E. Other forms may be necessary for some Listings.

 7 Detailed Confidentiality Agreement & personal information
 These forms are used for larger properties and businesses.

 12 Confidentiality Agreement & Questionnaire

 13 Confidentiality Agreement & Questionnaire

 Confidentiality Agreement Only
 14 Use this when the Questionnaire is not required!

 Confid PI BS RE BizComp
 Use this form when detailed info is required

 1X Best Short One
 Simple Mid Level Questionnaire with Confidentiality Agreement

 DMCA Notice (Copyright Info)
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